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Middle Eastern Molokhia Soup

Middle Eastern Sustainable Recipes You NEED to Try!

The Middle East is a very diverse region with many interesting cultures and countries, and the Middle East isn’t only the homeland of many amazing civilizations, it is also the land of flavorful dishes.

Today, let’s sink our teeth into some of the most famous Middle Eastern recipes!

Welcome to Egypt...

The beautiful land of Pharaohs has a lot to show us today! Have you ever heard about Molokhia Soup, also known as Jute Leaf Soup? If you haven’t, don’t worry! We will discover it now…

Molokhia is a very famous Egyptian dish that was spread all over the world, you can find different versions of it in the Levant, North Africa (Maghreb region), and Cyprus, Haiti, and Kenya. In each country, it’s affected with special cultural addings, It’s believed to be originally from Ancient Egypt.

Molokhia is a moderately thick green soup that is usually served with rice and meat, or with Egyptian bread. It’s considered one of the most famous Egyptian dishes all over the world, and while uncooked Molokhia tastes extremely bitter, the cooked soup is savory and delicious, It’s also a very healthy dish to try, as it doesn’t include much fats, and provides sufficient amount of vitamins A,C, and E, and it helps in regulating digestion, protecting the immune system, building strong bones, improving blood pressure, and increasing cognitive abilities.


  • Molokhia leaves (Jute leaves),

  • Chicken or vegetable broth

  • Garlic, minced

  • Onion, chopped

  • Olive oil

  • Ground coriander

  • Ground cumin

  • Ground black pepper

  • Salt


1) Put the broth in the stock pot, and then add salt, and spices.

2) Add the molokhia to the above, and leave until it is close to boiling, then stop heating it and cover it.

3) A spoonful of olive oil is placed in a saucepan over the stove, then garlic is added to it, and it is stirred until it becomes translucent. Then add the coriander, and stir until golden.

4) Add the garlic mixture to the Molokhia, and stir.

Then, voila; it’s ready! Enjoy your amazing Egyptian meal!

Fun Fact: Molokhia was originally named Molokia because it was a fancy meal for kings (Kings means Molok in Arabic)


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