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ASF's Paper Consumption Model

ASF has created a statistical model that is publicly available to help schools both predict paper consumption and determine appropriate paper expenditures based on various factors such as departments of interest, total number of faculty, month, etc. Trained on data collected from the academic setting, ASF’s consumption model utilizes regression modeling to create a customizable consumption plan, tailored to help individuals schools minimize their  harmful environmental impact whilst streamlining expenses. Through this model, schools can not only reduce their current costs for paper purchases but mitigate their harmful environmental impacts while educating themselves and students on sustainable paper consumption. 

How it Works



Users initialize the ASF Paper Consumption Model

Our free, user-interactive paper consumption model can be publicly accessed via the following link:


Users choose their departments of interest

OPTIONS: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, World Language, Arts + Music, Business + Technology, Administration, Guidance, Health Office
Note that the minimum number of departments selected is one, although the user does not need to choose more  

Screenshot 2023-03-11 182035.png
Screenshot 2023-03-11 194755_edited.jpg

Number of faculty members in each department


Users input model parameters

Click on each tab to learn more about the parameters used in calculation.


Model outputs monthly and yearly paper consumption estimates and costs

Click on each tab to learn more.

Screenshot 2023-03-11 194831.png

Monthly paper usage + cost estimates given for each department of interest

Screenshot 2023-03-11 194856.png

User's consumption vs. average school vs. resource-efficient school


Users receive additional consumption metrics

Consumption Comparison: 

  • Average School

  • Resource-efficient School

Environmental Impact:

  • Trees, Liters of Water, Solid Waste, CO2 emissions, Sulfur Dioxide, Air Pollutants, Organic Compounds


Model outputs recommended paper consumption budgeting plan

Price and paper ranges given for 1) yearly consumption, 2) 10% cost reduction, 3) 25% paper usage reduction

Screenshot 2023-03-11 194922.png
recs lvl 1.png


Users receive sustainable practice recommendations for implementation

Recommendations vary based on the user's calculated sustainability level. 

  1. Most fundamental recommendations, with a focus on reducing paper waste and paper usage

  2. Intermediate level, a versatile range of technological and non-technological options for combatting irresponsible paper usage 

  3. Advanced recommendations: most technology-heavy and engaged ideas for implementation at schools aiming to devote attention to paper sustainability

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