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  • Serra El Shorbagy

Whispers of Change: A Call to Heal our Earth

In the depths of the Earth, a story unfolds,

Of a planet in peril, its future untold.

Climate change, a crisis so profound,

Calls upon humanity, a resounding sound.

Once lush and vibrant, our Earth did thrive,

With ecosystems diverse, all creatures alive.

But as time passed, we became blind,

To the signs of imbalance, the warnings unkind.

The Earth's rhythms disrupted, harmony disturbed,

As our actions ravaged, the delicate web we perturbed.

Emissions soared, like fiery tongues of flame,

Blanketing the heavens, choking our Earth's name.

The ice-capped crowns, majestic and grand,

Now melting swiftly, slipping through our hands.

Glaciers weep in rivers, their tears flowing free,

While rising tides swallow lands, reclaiming the sea.

The forests weep, their verdant hues fade,

As flames engulf them, a relentless raid.

Species vanish, their whispers unheard,

Silenced forever, by our thoughtless absurd.

The seasons shift, their patterns unravel,

As heatwaves scorch, and hurricanes travel.

Droughts bring desolation, thirst grips the land,

While floods wreak havoc, nature's mighty hand.

Oh, heed this plea, this urgent cry,

To heal our Earth, before it's too late, we sigh.

Let's embrace the winds of change with open hearts,

And pledge to make amends, where nature's song imparts.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, the mantra rings,

Embrace sustainable practices, let harmony it brings.

Renewable energy, a beacon of hope,

Harnessing the power of sun, wind, and scope.

Let's plant trees, a forest of green,

To restore the balance, a vibrant scene.

Protect our oceans, where life does teem,

Preserve their depths, like a cherished dream.

Education is key, let knowledge spread wide,

For it ignites passion, and empowers each stride.

Teach our children the value of this Earth,

For their actions hold the seeds of rebirth.

Together we stand, united as one,

To heal the wounds we've inflicted, undone.

In the whispers of change, we find strength anew,

To protect our planet, for me, for you.

For in the end, we are stewards, custodians true,

Of this precious planet, entrusted to me and you.

Let's act now, with courage, compassion, and care,

To ensure a future where our Earth can repair.

The time is now, let's rise and reclaim,

A world of harmony, where all life can sustain.

In the whispers of change, let our voices resound,

For a brighter tomorrow, where love is profound.



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