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Humanity's Source of Inspiration - Partner Post!

About the image:

nature has been humanity’s source of inspiration for a multitude of generations. compiled in this collage are images taken by two of our editors, but it’s important to note that without your actions to preserve the natural world, all of this beauty is temporary. there are so many ways you can help protect your planet, and true change starts with YOU 🌎✨

A brief note from the author:

due to the warmer weather of the spring/summer, our editors have been going outside more often and taking pictures of the world around them. most of the photos in this collage were taken by two of our editors who are passionate about preserving the environment and showcasing the beauty it has to offer. looking at these images, the first thing that may come to a persons mind is “beauty” but it is also crucial to make sure future generations can experience the beautiful elements of the surrounding world.

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