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  • Serra El Shorbagy

A Sustainable Poem

Updated: Feb 1

In a world where progress is key,

We seek a future that's sustainably free.

A future where nature and mankind unite,

To protect our planet, shining so bright.

Sustainable development is the key,

To ensure a future that's green and free.

It's about meeting our needs today,

Without compromising tomorrow's way.

Environmental science guides the way,

With knowledge and research, come what may.

Understanding ecosystems, their delicate balance,

To create a future where all can enhance.

Climate change looms as a global threat,

Caused by actions we must not forget.

Burning fossil fuels, emitting greenhouse gases,

We must find alternatives to save our passes.

Renewable energy holds the power,

To transform our future, hour by hour.

Harnessing the sun, wind, and tides,

To create clean energy that abides.

Green technology paves the way,

For innovations that'll save the day.

From electric cars to smart homes,

Creating sustainable cities wherever one roams.

Reducing waste and recycling too,

Are actions we all must pursue.

Conserving resources, reusing with care,

To ensure a sustainable future we share.

Education and awareness are vital tools,

To inspire action and break old rules.

Empowering individuals to make a change,

In their daily lives, no matter how strange.

Collaboration is key in this grand endeavor,

Bringing together minds from every endeavor.

Governments, businesses, and communities unite,

To build a sustainable future that shines so bright.

So let us strive for a world anew,

Where sustainability guides all we do.

A future where nature thrives in harmony,

And generations to come can live happily.



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