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ASF Climate Convention

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The ASF Climate Convention will be a dual conference and fundraising event with the purpose of collecting data, raising awareness, and expanding the ASF Network! At this convention, ASF hopes to educate attendees through a variety of manners. First, we plan to bring in panel speakers to discuss current environmental matters and workshop ways to become upstanding, responsible citizens to the environment. Presentations will also introduce ASF's mission, with aims of encouraging attendees and their schools to become members of the ASF Network! All during this time, attendees can buy upcycled wares from artisans. Such goods will be hand-crafted, sustainable, and designed if not from, then to promote, eco-friendly practices! To view an example of a vendor we are collaborating with, please visit: Through this experience, attendees will hopefully emerge with a more complex understanding of the role they play for the environment. Our ultimate mission is to inspire the environmental activists within us all!

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