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  • Sophia Paessens

In a World of Green and Blue

In a world of green and blue so grand,

A future shaped by every hand.

Imagine a place where harmony thrives,

As each soul to sustainability strives.

From rolling hills to urban spaces,

A tapestry woven with eco-traces.

Imagining a future where all take part,

A commitment engraved in every heart.

Children learn with eyes so wide,

Of nature's beauty and changing tide.

With knowledge deep and conscience clear,

They step into a world with hope sincere.

Communities gather, united and strong,

Practicing the principles they've known all along.

Solar panels gleam atop every roof,

As wind turbines spin with a graceful aloof.

Fields once barren now bloom anew,

With organic harvests, the cycle true.

Recycling and reusing, the way of the day,

In this sustainable world, we all find our way.

From mountains to oceans, forests to streams,

A world imagined in hopeful dreams.

A symphony of effort, a chorus of care,

In this shared journey, a future we dare.

So let's hold this vision in our hearts so tight,

A future where sustainability takes its flight.

With every action, every choice we sow,

Into a world of abundance, together we'll grow.



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